November 2016



Hello dear friends and family! We greet you all in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ!  We are constantly keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers and are grateful for your faithful prayers and support that allow us to continue loving the children still with us and to move forward with opening the new women's home "Casa Elaine” in Cusco. 

We live in a country where all citizens of legal age are required to vote.  If they don’t, they get fined.  We come from a country where it is considered a privilege to vote, yet most don’t, but then often feel obligated to complain about whoever wins the election...  A country where many who are not entitled to vote, are allowed to do so.  People where we live will sometimes ask us if we voted, but then quickly correct themselves saying, “Of course not - you are not a citizen.”  They realize that even though we have lived here for many, many years, as legal immigrants, we are not entitled to vote - and find it strange that many Americans who have the privilege of selecting their own leaders will not take advantage of it.   Some of the older people here remember what it was like to live under a dictatorship where they could not participate in the selection of their own president.  They would vote even if they didn’t have to.

So why do we bring this up?  Aren’t we just supposed to remain quiet about politics?  Shouldn’t we just stick to missionary work?  You know, separation of Church and State?  People should read both their Bibles and their Constitutions.  “Separation of Church and State” was meant to prevent the government from controlling the free expression of one’s faith, not to keep the Church from bringing godly influence into government.  We have to admit that in the past we haven’t voted because we really saw no difference between the two parties.  We couldn’t in all good conscience choose between the lesser of two evils. But this year, the way we see things from our vantage point outside of the turmoil, is that there is basically a choice between two extremes.  Third party candidates have always just been spoilers, taking votes away from someone with similar ideas, but never having enough votes to really win.  So there are two basic choices.  One is an outside of the box, outspoken, non-conformist, non-politically correct who is pro national sovereignty, pro constitution, and who says that he will protect the right of all to practice their faith without government interference.  The other is a known practicing witch, who believes that “deep seated religious beliefs have to be changed” (in a speech to the Women’s World Summit), that believes that it is okay to rip apart babies created in the image of God while they are inside the one place that they should be the safest: their mother’s womb.  She even believes that it is okay, indeed a right, to allow that baby’s head to leave the womb, then detain the rest of the delivery long enough to shove a metal rod into it’s brain to kill it, and that it is okay to sell the various parts of those aborted, sacrificed babies to the highest bidder.  (Does anyone else wonder why they don’t really teach latin in schools any more?  Could it be because we might learn that the latin word “fetus” means “baby”?)  We were married in 1973 on the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade and the abortion issue has always been important to us - just as we believe it is to God.  The democratic candidate believes that homosexuals have more rights than Christians, and the Democratic National Convention where she was nominated booed when God was mentioned...  And a real Christian could vote for that?  Some might say that they just aren’t going to vote.  A no vote is a vote for that ungodly influence.  James Dobson said it well: "I am more concerned about America's future than Trump's past. To my knowledge, Trump has never abused women physically nor had oral sex in the Oval room of the White House. Trump never committed perjury by lying to Congress for hours. Trump has never been impeached nor has he vetoed a law that would have banned partial-birth abortion. The Clintons have disrespected the Constitution of the United States and Trump has promised to protect it. I support Donald Trump because I believe he is the most capable candidate to lead our nation at this complicated hour.”  Trump is not our savior, but he can be the means to buy us all a little more time to use our freedoms to win the lost and to usher in revival!

The next president of the United States could possibly appoint 4 or 5 Supreme Court justices over two terms.  Which one of the above world views do you want represented there.  You are choosing the justices that will mandate legal opinion for the next several decades.  

God will give a nation the leadership that it deserves.  We believe that there are believers in the United States have heeded God’s call to humble themselves and pray and seek His face and turn from their own wicked ways.  We also believe that overemphasis on the electoral process can be idolatrous and a distraction away from our true focus who is Jesus Christ, and our true assignment in this life, which is making disciples and preaching the gospel.  We must continue to humble ourselves and pray and seek God’s face and turn from our wicked ways, and depend on Almighty God, and not a person.  There is one Savior: the Lord Jesus Christ.  There is One that will heal our land in response to our cries: the Almighty God.  But just as it would be ridiculous, even sinful, to pray for the salvation of souls and then do nothing to reach them, it would be ridiculous (and maybe even sinful) to pray for our Land, and then do nothing to influence a return to godly and constitutional standards.  Please pray for the elections and the safety of the candidates.


i have recently returned from Cusco where i participated in the naming of a new board for CERT Peru (i am the new secretary) which is the national representation of CERT International, the group with which we have worked for almost two decades, bringing medical teams and other benevolent works to needy areas in Peru, as an opening for preaching the gospel and sharing the love of Christ.  While in Cusco, we visited a community at 14,000 feet above sea level where we received the invitation to come and bring both medical assistance and the gospel to a very needy and remote district, comprised of over thirty communities and annexes.  We will begin going there in July.  Inocencio, CERT’s national representative in the mountains will continue to visit the area where we have worked for the past several years, with three churches established complete with national pastors. We also spoke of the expansion of evangelistic and church planting efforts in the jungle.  2017 is going to be an exciting year!

Inocencio shared how he arrived to the community of Callatiac, beginning with his own childhood experience.  Back in the mid 70s, Peru went through what is called the Agrarian Reform, where the large haciendas were redistributed, with the owners retaining 5% of the land, and the rest being given to the peones who had been working the land.  Inocencio’s parents received some of that land.  But there was much discord in the area where they were born and raised, much persecution.  They were the targets of much abuse, with their land being taken from them by their own family members, and their house destroyed.  They migrated to another area far away.  That is where Inocencio and his 5 brothers and sisters were born.  Their parents never spoke of their place of birth, nor of their family.  They never shared their experiences with their children.  They didn’t want them to go looking for their roots and possibly suffer the same abuse as their parents. When Inocencio was 10 years old, his father died. In the course of time, Inocencio was placed in a children’s home.  i accompanied one of those CERT medical teams to that home, and i guess i am a little easy to remember... Fast forward to several years later when we had begun El Arca and filled the van with children and were heading to a lake some distance away for a family outing.  We stopped for fuel along the way.  Up rides a young man on a bicycle and asks me if i am Pastor Alan.  When i replied that i was, he told me that he had met me years before when he was at that other orphanage, and that he had since graduated from there, was now the lieutenant governor in an impoverished district named Ancahuasi, where he was also riding his bicycle to the distant communities to evangelize.  He asked me if i could bring the medical teams there.  He later became CERT’s representative in Peru (and current President of CERT Peru).  Fast forward again:  One day he took his family for an outing on the other side of Cusco.  On the way back home, one of his sons wanted Chicharon, so they stopped in a town famous for that fried pork delicacy.  As they sat there, he noticed a group eating and drinking together.  A man, a woman and two boys were obviously not from around there as they were dressed in the typical fashion of those that live in remote, rural areas.  The others were obviously from the city.  After a while, the woman and the older boy (about 10) began to cry.  Slowly, the man, the woman and the older boy walked away, leaving the younger boy with the city folk.  Inocencio thought it all strange, but possibly they were family and the younger boy was going to live with them to study in the city.  When the boy went to the bathroom, Inocencio approached him and asked who those people were to him, and he replied that he didn’t even know them, but that he was from a very remote place, where everyone is poor and his parents couldn’t feed all of their children, so they had sold him.  Inocencio found out where they lived and what his parents’ names were.  A couple of weeks later, he was able to go to the village, and after an entire day, found the parents. They were angry and suspicious of this meddling stranger, but he convinced them that he just wanted to help them get their son back.  They asked him what his name was and he told them both last names (in Peru, each person has two last names, the first being the first last name of their father, and the second being the first last name of their mother.)  They told him that they had a lot of people in their community with those last names.  They asked him what his father and mother’s names were and when he told him, they surprised him by telling him that his parents were from that community:  Callatiac.   When he approached the community about helping them and other surrounding communities, they were suspicious, but he assured them that he intended them no harm, no vengeance, no land, no nothing, but to be able to share with them the love of Christ who now lives within him.  Romans 8:28 in action.  What the devil and even his relatives intended for evil, God intended for good.  Inocencio is a modern day Joseph, sent ahead for the salvation of many!  Please pray for the new work, the continuation of the works in Ancahuasi, and the advancement of the gospel through CERT Peru.


The Fitzcarrald ministry is exploding and we are so proud of our teens for taking dramas, videos, songs, and Bible studies for the children in or neighborhood each Sunday morning! Many adults are listening too! But we need prayer to continue to move forward in our anti-abortion crisis pregnancy clinic ministry.  Please pray for salvations and changed lives.

Initial communications have been made with the warden regarding entering the prison on Monday nights to evangelize and disciple inmates on a non-visitation day.  We continue our Saturday prison visitations (usually me, Joseph, Caleb and Humberto) and our Saturday night evangelism in town.  Please help us pray for final approval for the prison ministry and that God’s word would not return to him void and for open doors and open hearts during evangelistic times

We are still praying about expanding our own evangelistic outreach to the river communities and possibly reaching unreached people groups (between me and Caleb on two different river systems).  Please help us pray for direction.

In Cusco, Marleni continues the prison ministry begun by Laura, hospital visitations as well as moving forward with the work with single mothers at Casa Elaine, all while being a single mother herself.  One of our older girls, Elizabeth, who is slightly retarded, has also returned to Cusco because she will soon turn 18 and will begin visiting family members to whom she will be released.  Marleni has also begun some of the “cottage industries” that will help provide training, sustenance and provision for the new work: she is raising chickens and rabbits.  As more women arrive, other aspects of training will be added, providing occupational and parenting skills and discipleship for the women.  Please pray for Marleni’s stamina, wisdom, guidance and provision. 

We will be hosting three individual volunteers this month.  Please pray for their safety while traveling and while with us, and above all that God will touch them in some meaningful way while they are with us.

Please also continue to pray: 

  • As we continue the necessary construction and farming projects at our location in the jungle, as well as helping Caleb build their little house. 
  • As we await the final decision on Daniel’s adoption, and procede with Daniela’s and David’s.  There are a lot of documents that have to be gathered and translated again.
  • As we await the next step in the accusations raised against us (as well as for accusations made against two other Christian homes - one in Cusco, one in the jungle)
  • For God’s provision for the work to continue and advance, both financially and in personnel. 
  • For the salvation of all of the children with us and for their ambassadorship for Christ in their schools.


Note about donations:  This should be the last time that we receive funds through Gateway.  We will let you know as soon as we get our account with Christian Faith Ministries set up.  Thanks to all for your patience!

We thank you all for your continued prayers and financial support!
You mean so much to us and we pray for you too! If you have any specific requests, please send them along and we will pray for you.