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May the grace, peace and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you and yours!
This past week I attended the local pastors’ meeting after quite a lapse, and it was just in time to find out what is going on “behind the scenes”.  Here in Peru, the congressional goings on are not as publicized as in the States, and perhaps other countries.  But there are several Christian congressmen who let the Church know what is going on when proposed legislation could impact the Church and overall moral conditions in the country.  At this meeting, we were informed of several pending laws and would like to ask you to join us in prayer:

  1. The typical first step to legalizing infant sacrifice (i.e., abortion) attempting to legalize abortion in cases of rape (is it the baby’s fault?), “possible” birth defects or debilitating congenital defects, and one that i still don’t understand, in cases of accidental artificial insemination or embryo transplant… Not sure how that would work… Oops, you went in for a tonsillectomy, but somehow we transplanted an embryo instead???  Even though it is not typically enforced, abortion is currently against the law here.
  2. Gay marriage
  3. Civil union between partners of the same sex.  Very similar to marriage, but not technically marriage.  Sort of like legally recognized cohabitation between people of the same sex.
  4. Anti-discrimination laws that technically includes foreigners, all races, sexes and religions.  The problem is, the constitution already guarantees equality and this is a very thinly veiled attempt to cover up the true agenda of transgenderism (the Health Clinics are already distributing – FREE OF CHARGE AND WITHOUT THE NEED FOR PARENTAL CONSENT – hormones for anyone that wants to change the way they were created.)  This new law would make it illegal to speak or preach against any sexual orientation or religious bent.  Technically, it would even be illegal to speak against normal, run-of-the-mill adultery… Much less anything else.    Although a proposed law to recognize a third sex was struck down a few months back, three local schools are already recognizing male, female and I’m not sure what they call it – and several parents have taken their children out of those schools and put them in a local Christian school.  Under the proposed laws, those parents could be thrown in jail for hate crimes, as would any parents who objected to their children being taught “alternative” sexual orientations, or even straight sex out of wedlock!  This would be legalized death to freedom of speech – among other things…
  5. The final law being considered is the legalization of importation of cannabis products.  I understand that Paraguay is a major supplier, but not real sure why it would have to be imported…

Not on the docket yet, but in the wings is a law requiring all pastors to have a seminary degree.  The first step is requiring that they all have completed high school.  That is hard enough, because many only have a calling…  The time may come when many have to decide to either bow to Caesar or to God alone…
I have been trying to get permission to enter the prison on a regular basis since last November.  After a series of delays, we finally started making some progress about a month or so ago.  But that progress included one additional requirement after another, and several “Sorry, I didn’t have time to get your paperwork done… Come back the day after tomorrow…”.  Finally, I was scheduled once again to talk with the prison’s legal rep in the morning.  He wasn’t there, so I said I would come back later.  When I did, I had about 30 minutes to get to the children’s school for a meeting of parents, and the lawyer told me that he had lost my paperwork and asked if I had a copy… Of course I did, but it was at home.  So I told him I would be back after the meeting, but as is very typical of this sort of meeting, what could have been done in half an hour took three hours and a half!  So I rushed home, picked up the necessary document and rushed into town, praying he would still be there, even though it was after his normal work hours when I arrived.  Praise God, he was there, and when he came out, he took the paper in to the Warden’s office to make a copy. 
As I stood there, all sorts of thoughts were going through my head, including one of the last things Laura said as I left home with the paper: “He is stalling for a bribe…” as well as my response, “He ain’t gonna get one!”  The longer it took the lawyer to return, the more I was planning on what to do in case my request was turned down or delayed again.  Finally I asked God if I was even called to go into the prison, or if it was just a “good idea” because it is something that Christians do… I asked Him that, if He was really calling me to go in and minister inside of the prison, that He was get me in!  Right after that, the lawyer came out and said that he would send the paperwork to Lima and should have an answer by Monday or Tuesday.  I asked him how I would know, and when I should come by.  He asked me if I was already going in to minister (How could I without permission???) and when I said that I was not, he thought a moment and said, “Just bring your ID on Monday. There shouldn’t be any problem…” and with that, I got my permission! 
Now, you would think that after so long a time working to get that permission, I would have been extatic.  But as I turned toward the truck, i thought, “Well, I guess that means I’m called…” and it struck me how great a responsibility it is.  I really believe God wants to do something big inside the prison, and that it is not just another ministry opportunity.  This work is going to have to be seriously bathed in prayer, and we ask you all to join us in the fight against the powers of darkness and division that have reigned inside those walls for so long.
May God bless you all,
For the tribe


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