Dec 2015 Newsleter

We greet you in the precious name above all names, praying that God will continue to reveal Himself in and through you as we move into the new year.  As you might surmise from the picture above, we are all in the jungle for school holidays!  After far too long of being separated from the children, we are all together once again, only this time in the jungle.  A few people are missing from the picture as Joel just underwent surgery in Cusco for a hernia with big sister Ella accompanying him, and Humberto there for dental work.  In advance of the children’s arrival, we worked daylight till dark finishing the dorms, buying and setting up bunkbeds and mosquito nets, and generally transforming things from construction site to a home.  We are all having so much fun together, putting finishing (pretty) touches on things, cooking special meals and treats for the holidays, and spending a lot of time together.   The kids really enjoy the swimming pools that we purchased for them while we were in Lima recently!  Please pray with us about selling the property in Cusco and moving down to the jungle permanently.  Any success we have had with the children has been, first and foremost due to God’s influence and working in their lives, and secondly because we are a family and not an institution.  Recent changes in the laws governing children’s care facilities has made that almost impossible, so we believe we need to function a little differently – taking children in family placement, working with single moms, etc – in order to be able to continue raising children in a family environment.

Bud and Laura1

City (No Longer) Under Siege

We thank you again for your prayers during the recent strike.  This one was especially tough because the entire town and every level of local government was against several laws recently passed by the national government, controlling fuel, forestry, etc.  The fuel situation (we previously could only purchase 5 liters a day in a container, which made running our generators difficult) was made a little better:  we can now purchase 10 gallons a day, but not store more than that amount on our land.  Better, but still controlled and limited.  One of the other major points was the restriction of timbering on private property.  It has always been understood to be the right of any land owner to cut down trees on their own land for personal construction, as well as clearing farm land.  A new law has been passed that makes it illegal, in the name of conservation, while at the same time giving massive land grants to large corporations who can cut unlimited amounts of timber, much – if not most – of which is exported to China.  Do an internet search on Agenda 21 – that is what this law is all about.


Renewed Vision

Laura and i recently took a few days to attend the Regional Leaders’ Meeting for YWAM.  During the meeting, we began to sense that the Lord was leading us to (at least consider) having our own DTS(Discipleship Training School) in the jungle in 2016.  Several other bases from around Peru committed to helping us get started.   We are still praying about it, but must make a decision soon.  There is definitely a desire and need in our part of the country.


Bielgui (pictured above) also finished a 6 week intensive Leadership Training School the same week of the Leaders’ Meeting and we were able to visit with her a bit before returning to Cusco.  She got a lot out of the school, and we are now praying about her (and possibly someone else from the Home) to attend the training for King’s Kids (KK), a YWAM ministry to children and youth.  When we heard KK detailed at the Leaders’ Meeting, we all knew in our hearts that this is something we need to do in Puerto.  We have always seen that the children and youth have nothing to do but sin.  There are no wholesome alternatives in town for people in those age groups.

Please pray with us about the timing and possibility of a DTS in the jungle and Bielgui and possibly someone else attending the KK training in Columbia and beginning the program in Puerto.

Bud and Laura 2

Signs of the Times

Our Lord commanded us to watch and pray that we enter not into temptation (Mt.26.41, Mk.14.38); for we know not when the time is (Mk.13.33); and that we might be accounted worthy to escape all these things (Lk.21.36).  Watching doesn’t mean looking up at the sky and listening for the trumpets to sound.  Watching is reading Scripture, asking God for wisdom and understanding, and watching current events to see how they match up.  Not so that we can fear, but so that we can know and prepare physically, emotionally, and especially, spiritually.  One thing we know about the ten virgins in Matthew 25 is that all ten were asleep… It is time to wake up.  The following is taken from


A word from Benjamin Baruch:


The Lord held us in His hands on the cross as He endured a world of infinite pain.  Jesus did not want those nails piercing His bones.  We cannot even imagine the intensity of all He endured, and He could have come down off that cross at any time.  He could have stopped that pain at any time, by letting go of you.  That’s all!  If He had just let you go, He could have escaped all that suffering.  But you would have slipped out of His hand right into hell, so He was never going to let you go.  If He endured so much for us, why are we afraid of our reputations being wounded a little?  Who cares!  Fine! It is just one less thing to be worried about.  Let us all be of no reputation now.  Can you think of anything good any of us have done anyway, besides what was done through the Holy Spirit?  But we are worried about a little pain.  Are we worried we might lose something?  Are you kidding?  We are about to lose everything!  We need to take very seriously the things the Lord is saying to us because a time of unbelievable woe will soon be revealed unto mankind.  Woe means a time of crying, weeping, wailing, grieving, mourning.  It will be a time for the survivors to lament.  This time is upon us now.  [The Shemitah never happened because the Shemitah applies only to covenant nations and individuals.  After the Holy covenant of marriage was corrupted, the U.S. became a “goat nation”.  There is no longer a Shemitah blessing or discipline for the nation from a loving Father, only for individuals.]  Full judgment is coming and is here.  We are headed right into it and we do not need our pride, or to be afraid, or to miss the Lord in this hour if we are to be a part of His remanent.  We have to take tough steps if we want to be in the wise virgins’ camp.  There are a lot of people with no oil in their lamps.  There are virgins who have gone back to sleep.  They are sleeping in Sodom while dreaming that they are walking in Zion and they think they are somehow in the remanent because they have figured out what time it is.  Listen, the unbelievers have also figured out what time it is.  Listen, the unbelievers have also figured out what time it is.  If you do not have oil in your lamps it is not going to matter.  Your knowledge of what time it is will not save you.  The disciples all fell asleep in the garden, even three times, until finally in frustration, the Lord told them to “go back to sleep”.  This is a prophetic picture of the time we are living in.  For the remanent, now is the time to wake up.  The Bridegroom is coming soon.  Heaven is expecting now.  Forget the pride thing.  We should not even care about our pride any more.  The whole world is going to be changed soon and no one is going to care about your pride or your reputation, because they will be too busy thinking of themselves.  God has been so good to all of us.  Why is He warning and trying to wake us?  Because God is having mercy where He chooses to have mercy, but we have to do our part.  We have to buy our oil by fasting and praying, trusting and obeying, repentance and purity.  We must all go forward on the path of the Lord’s choosing, and that path leads us straight to the cross (denying self’s carnal desires).  The devil wants to stop us from going the way of the cross, from choosing only the truth.  And if he can get us to hide anything at all, if he can get us to shrink back, to not get out of the boat, and not to take that step of faith, that is all he has to do to keep us all stuck right where we are.  Very few of us want to stay where we are right now.  And for some of us, staying where we are right now is the most dangerous thing we could do.  The Lord is shouting now to wake us up.  We all have to move fast now.  We must come out of the darkness.  Some of us also need to move physically to a new location, for the time of the heathen, and the reign of the dark ones is about to begin, and many of us are not ready.  God wants to help us, so we need to step out in faith and face the fears that have ruled us for years and ruined us.  We have to become the people who will go and seek reconciliation.  We have to be the ones to forgive first, no matter what the other party did to us.  It is all about getting the garbage out of us.  The battle of our faith is really being fought over the issues of love in our lives.  That is the real battle, and the only one worth winning now.  We must speak the truth in love.