How To Help

El Arca is a non-profit association and 100% of the finances received go towards the care and provision of the children. We are completely dependent upon the gracious donations of people who care, people like you. El Arca does not receive financial assistance from any governmental or non-governmental organization. We depend each month on financial gifts sent in by our friends and people interested in our ministry. Perhaps God is leading you to support us financially, whether monthly, quarterly, yearly or simply through a one-time gift.

If you would like to sponsor a child, please contact us for information.

Your gift of...

  • $1500 will sponsor one child for an entire year
  • $800 will provide for the educational needs of all the children for one month in a private school which provides a superior and more concentrated learning experience for the special needs of the children of El Arca.
  • $400 pays for the support staff for one week that must be hired to maintain the high standards of hygiene and cleanliness required for the Home.
  • $400 also pays for the upkeep of our new facilities in the Amazon Jungle.
  • $100 keeps us in rice or sugar for a month.
  • $50 will sponsor one child's food expenses for one month

Donate Goods

One man's trash is another man's treasure. We can always use good quality second hand items. If you are cleaning out your attic or garage and run across useful items that you just don't know what to do with, please email us to see if we have a need in that area. We can always use

children's clothing and toys as well. Unfortunately the Peruvian government will not allow used clothing to come into the country without going through a major process. If you have new children's clothing (ages 2 -16 years, boys or girls) please contact us via email for information about how to get the clothing to us.

Know Someone Traveling to Peru?

If you or someone you know is planning to travel to the Cusco area and have a little extra luggage space, we need reliable people to bring items down to the orphanage. For more information about items we need, transporting donated items, or other ways to get involved, please email us.

If you want to help financially, click here ->