A Note From Laura-July 2017

Dear missed ones,
We are all doing well here in Peru, and as always we continue to pray for you. We ran across this interview between Bob Griswold and Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show and decided to transcribe much of the information (adding our two cents at times), although not word for word in order to save space. We are so grateful for your help that has enabled us to continue to parent our biological and Peruvian children into their adult lives, and to be a light here in this dark place, that we felt the need to touch upon some serious subjects in order to be of some help for you as well, if possible.

Please take the time to read this through: this will be the last letter of its kind that we send you! Promise! We send it in love!

"History is seasonal, and winter is coming. The very survival of the nation will feel at stake at certain times. Sometime before the year 2025, America will pass through a great gate in history, one commiserate with the American Revolution and the Civil War. In such times of twin emergencies like the Great Depression during WWII, the risk of catastrophe will be high as the nation could erupt into insurrection or civil violence. It could crack up geographically, or succumb to authoritarian rule." (Quote from the highly recommended book, The Fourth Turning)

According to the study of historical cycles in this book, it´s time for a global and civil war, with an economic collapse thrown in on top of it. Our country has passed through the first three stages of a nation, (Growth, Maturation, Entropy, Destruction). Look through the light shed by history over and over again, that once decadence sets in, once the family breaks apart, the nation is over with.

The state of Oregon on June 8th, passed a bill in their senate that allows for the dehydration and starvation of people with dementia or mental illness. Back in the 70´s, if you disagreed with the Soviet government, you had to be crazy, so they shipped you off to the Gulags. But Oregon wants to send you to the cemetery because it´s cheaper. Can you believe it is happening here? Once you destroy the idea that we are divine by design, once you transcend the fundamental constraint of the value of life--that each person is made in the image of the Creator, and that we better have a real good reason for taking that life-- then we are just animals that we can exterminate, and we will see wholesale death. One thing godless societies have in common is lots of body bags--200 million in the 20th century alone.

We have murdered 70 million children (our posterity) through legalized abortion because they were an inconvenience. Therefore it is not difficult to murder their parents if they are now an economic inconvenience. How has God in the past dealt with nations who murder their children, that defames every holy institution He set up, while His people remain silent? Brothers, it was on our watch and we were responsible to speak up for the voiceless. Imagine a holy God seeing 70 million tiny caskets of little ones who didn’t die of a disease or of natural causes, but because their parents were celebrating their rights. Many of these abortions were paid for by Christians trying to hide their sin. It´s strange how we think we are going to escape and that God still owes this silent majority a comfortable pre-trib escape package! In light of God´s word, devastation is coming or God is not good, nor does He watch over His word to perform it. America has sown blood in many ways, in many places, and God will require it. It seems the Church of Jesus Christ was more concerned with bigger buildings. We can turn to Him right now, while He may be found, boldly coming to the throne of grace, for He is merciful. But we must be brutally and courageously honest. When the Body of Christ remains quiet and allows their government to look the other way as the nation´s children are being sexually abused and trafficked--1 million a year disappear--how can we still believe He sees us as "the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus"? God went to a lot of trouble to expose to this nation over the past several years the evils of its leaders, to give everyone a chance to polarize against or for these horrors, at least in earnest prayer, demonstrating before Him that we may be IN the nation, but we are not OF it. He called us to be salt and light, to mourn, weep and fast. Instead, we went to sleep, counting on ol’ Donald to clean it all up. But nobody knows if he will last the summer. Our government is now calling into question if he is even legitimate when everyone knows that Obama certainly wasn’t! We live in a country where open political corruption, even murder, is allowed to go unprosecuted. Everyone knows Hillary is guilty as sin and no one speaks up. We have a nation that has been morally compromised. Isaiah said, “Judgment is turned away backward and justice stands afar off. For truth is fallen in the street and equity cannot enter. Yea, truth fails, and he that departs from evil makes himself a prey” (Is.59:14). It used to be in the west that every first year law student was taught that the Ten Commandments were the foundation of the Law Code. This is no longer true. We’ve seen the rise of a new liberal generation of law students that no longer goes by that moral code. Bill and Hillary Clinton are both lawyers and the new code is now Might Makes Right. Silence is complicity. The Lord not only has been warning the States for a long time, He has been revealing the evils of the leaders of this nation to help us to see why His judgment will fall. We have been given a chance to love what is good and to hate what is evil. Now that we have witnessed how Planned Parenthood has profited not just from the cost of killing the unborn but also from the sale of their organs and body parts, how did we react? Did we speak out against Pedogate? Silence is complicity in God´s law book. Each one of us is an Esther with a decision to make: Do we remain silent, believing that it can´t be true, and it could never happen to us? Or do we warn all within our sphere of influence to turn to God with all their hearts and to believe in Jesus Christ before it is too late, and to do only what pleases our Father, stocking up on righteous deeds, which is the only thing that delivers from death? If we choose to remain in normalcy bias or cognitive dissonance, then we incur the Lord´s wrath, because it is not His will that any perish. He has a plan to protect His own. But His righteous ones are as bold as a lion.

If none of the above were an issue, and we were to only take a look at the latest economic numbers, they would scream civil war and WWIII. Global debt levels have surged to an insurmountable level. For the only time in human history the planet has recorded a whopping $217 trillion in the first quarter of the year. This represents 327% of the world´s annual economic output, otherwise known as the GDP, according to the Institute of International Finance. Please allow me to present this very bleak picture in a more understandable light. If you make $100,000 per year, but you are acquiring debt that equals $327,000 in the same year, what will happen to your family economically? It is safe to say that your first casualty will be your house, and the second your car. The new bankruptcy would prevent you from erasing your debt and you would be put on permanent repayment plan. In other words, extreme austerity would be imposed upon you. This ratio is beginning to visit states (Will Illinois be the first?). Insolvent states would default on its obligations and stop paying. In the meantime, under the new bankruptcy laws, a judge could order the citizens of that state to be put on payment plan. This would represent permanent serfdom because there is absolutely no hope of repaying the debt. When this 327% to income ratio is fully realized, every welfare payment, pension, 401K, virtually every source of income would be subject to partial or full confiscation. And the people would say, “It´s time for a revolution!” Do you realize that you are paying taxes into a black hole that never ends? WHEN THE PEOPLE COME TO REALIZE THIS FACT, THE CIVIL WAR WILL BEGIN AND TAX RESISTERS AND THOSE WHO ARE LOSING THEIR HOMES, FARMS, AND BUSINESSES WILL FORM THE BACKBONE OF THE COMING STRIFE.

Conclusion: As you read the following please keep in mind that the entire estimated GDP of the planet is less than $70 trillion. The U.S. government takes in about $2 trillion dollars per year. However, we have a national deficit of $20 trillion per year, and that was the good news. We have an unfunded liability of $240 trillion (i.e. Medicaid, Social Security, etc..) and the 800 pound gorilla in the room is the credit swap derivatives debt of $1.5 quadrillion with an annual interest rate of $505 trillion per year. You don´t need a calculator to tell you what is coming. We are rapidly approaching that point where we are seeing a retail apocalypse happening. The whole economy is so debt-ridden that we have bubble upon bubble. Donald Trump has not been able to tame the federal debt. It keeps chugging along racking up more insolvency. There will be a point reached when common civility falls apart. How will you survive? You can increase your chances by acquiring food, water, filtration, self defense, gold, and medicine. Let us think ahead, and do more to win souls in these few hours left before night completely falls. We are not to be in fear, but faith. Real faith believes God’s word so strongly, that, like Noah, who BY FAITH BEING WARNED BY GOD OF THINGS NOT SEEN YET--(a world-wide flood)--WAS MOVED WITH FEAR--(the healthy kind that gets out of the way of an oncoming freight train)--TO PREPARE AN ARK TO THE SAVING OF HIS HOUSE (Heb. 11)! Faith without works is dead. There are many kinds of fear but only one is actually good for us! It is full of faith that God is going to do as He said He would! Please be leery, of anyone that would remove ALL your fears and put you to sleep with presumptuous security.

So please ask yourself, “What do I need to be doing?” We need to get motivated and to encourage others to take the necessary steps to get prepared in every way, spiritually and physically. We could see civil strife, riots, bio-terrorism, grid-collapse, world war, and or an economic crash soon. Food will be weaponized. In the Bosnian war, and other wars, you could have a woman for a can of beans. Parents prostituted themselves or their children to put food on the table. Some gave their children away for money. People were desperate enough to kill for the smallest things. “...What we were witnessing was complete moral collapse--they had no pride, no dignity. The animal struggle for existence governed everything--and that was the search for food.” (The Savage Continent). God is a loving and merciful God. He has warned and delayed for a very long time. If you will seriously apply 2 Chron. 7:14, then He will tell you what to do. If you want to get prepared spiritually, please attend or live-stream the Branson, MO conference Sept. 15, 16, 17, that will be the game changer for many (gensixconference.com).

Another thing we need to do is to network with others. In the times ahead, there will be no such thing as lone-rangers. As it was in the Super Dome in New Orleans during Katrina, people huddled together. No one endured that sitting off alone by themselves or they were victimized very quickly. They had to form groups to protect themselves.

If you haven’t started preparing, you need to get on the ball. Grandma saw winter coming and always put away many jars of canned food. No one would think she was fearful rather than wise and faithful, to steward all that the Lord had provided instead of letting it go to waste. This was Life Insurance with a real return.

We are one spark away from setting off a huge fire there in Syria right now. Once the dogs of that war are loosed we don’t know where that’s going to go. The U.S. can dominate the Russians tactically in several ways but the Russians can dominate the U.S. first of all with their field A.I. (artificial intelligence) and hacking, which is second to none. They own 78,000 nuclear weapons. We’re going to push these people to the point where they have only one option. And they’ve hinted they WILL use them. We are seeing too many critical issues all converging. Those who are not ready are going to face things they could never have imagined. If we team up, train up, stock up, we can make it through and the Lord can use us to rebuild.

When the horrific and bloody Civil War occurred in America that took the lives of 550,000 Americans, we were at that time one people with one basic religion, ethnicity, and perspective. But today, we have a huge ethnically diverse people. We have allowed into our country sects and belief systems that for 1,400 years have murdered and raped its way through history. The civil war that could be coming will be far worse. Up till now the economy has been the only glue holding us together as a nation. We no longer have the commonality of our Christian faith. Once those dollars don’t flow as easily as they once did, it will have a huge precipitating effect upon unmitigated violence.

Walter Mansfield is a pastor who was a member of the Clergy Response Team three and a half years ago. He and many other pastors were trained by the government on how to counsel and handle people bussed into FEMA camps during a national crisis. They were told to help people to quietly submit to government authority based on Romans 13 (which applies to a non-tyrannical government.). Pastor Walter left the program when he was told he couldn’t read from the Bible or mention “Jesus”. These pastors are told to not talk about the content of this training with family or congregation. Any pastor that is not openly preparing his flock for every possible situation spiritually, nor speaking out against the abominations being thrust upon U.S. citizens in the name of political correctness, is not hearing from God, and you would be wise to meet with a few others for real fellowship and strength.

The best prepping site to find anything you need for most situations is readymaderesources.com. You need to consider how to protect your family. If you have ever looked at home invasions, there are several things that go along with them, and one of them is rape. Home invasions can occur after the break-down of social civility and this will be catastrophic for those who cannot defend themselves. We need to team up, train up, and stock up. In case of a terror attack, the government will shut down all cell phone communications to prevent the terrorists from operating. Ham radio, solar powered will be the only thing that will still function if the grid goes down.

Brothers and sisters, we need to be willing to suffer. We need to take more seriously that this world is not our home. We are pilgrims in the city of destruction. Every part of our lives needs to be about advancing the Kingdom wherever we are and building the foundation for the next generation. If you were a member of ISIS, you would literally get up every day with this one first thought: “How do I further the agenda? What can I do today that will contribute in some way to this grand plan that Allah has us on?” And when you go to bed, your last thought would be: “What am I going to do tomorrow that will build Allah’s kingdom?” If we as Christians had the same level of ideological commitment as ISIS, we could change the world the way the early church did. But we are distracted, and we think this world is our home. Yes, we are meant to enjoy life, but there is another reason we are here, more than simply to enjoy ourselves. You are a piece of a very large and very old plan and each one of us is an important player. We get so fixated on God only being in the spectacular, or God only working in or through big public names or churches or celebrities. But that is bunk! God is very much at work through the unspectacular! God is at work in the lives of every believer and He loves to do things under the radar because doing millions and millions of things under the radar gets a lot done! This is our humble God!

If you made it through to the end, we thank and congratulate you! Thank you for reading this long attempt to be of some help to the ones we love and miss in our homeland! And from now on, we will return to regular update news. There has been a lot happening to catch you up on!

You are precious to us!!

Yours Forever in His Love and Service,

Bud and Laura,

For the tribe